Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lady Eagles "Sting" Tokay Tigers

The Lady Eagles are doing a really great job this year. They were featured in many newspaper articles, but these are the latest. They had an amazing win over Tokay last night, and you can read an article about it HERE. They also beat Edison last week. You can read about that win in the Stockton Record HERE.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

First Game of the Season by Anthony

McNair vs. Summerville- November 25th

This was McNair's first step in their quest to be a playoff competitor. McNair travelled to the depths of Hell for their first game of the season. Some people might call it Summerville High School. In a sloppy and interesting game (I say interesting because I can't think of a more creative word), Mcnair pulls off an unimpressive 48 point victory. After a couple weeks of preparation in which McNair showed flashes of genius, they came out and displayed none of that in their game against the Bears, and yet still won by 48 points, which can be looked at in two ways; a very disappointing showing or the possible dominance that the Eagles could show throughout the season. There were some bright spots. They were very accurate from the freethrow line (20 of 26). Although the press was not very well executed, it still forced over 5o turnovers. Although players showed character, as they played through what they would consider a frustrating performance, it shows how far McNair players have come. They have higher expectations, and are willing to work through problems until they reach those expectations, which means the bruins are in for some danger on Monday.

P.S. From an inaccurate point of view, this article was written in favor of Summerville High School. You can read that article HERE.